Making Fondue Class

Posted on May 16, 2011



My sis had the brilliant idea of taking a fondue making class to celebrate my birthday and Mother's day.  I love the idea of birthday present being an activity that can be shared and nothing is better than liquid cheese!




The class was small with 17 particpants.  The instructor had a table set up in front with all of the ingredients.  We got to sip wine and watch her cook fondue.




We got to try two different kinds of cheese fondue (Cheddar and Blue Cheese) and one chocolate fondue.  It really was heaven.




While this isn't a class where you are learning a ton since fondue consists of a few ingredients that are melted, it did dispell the myth I had held that fondue was too hard to make at home.  I also picked up a few handy tips and I'm so excited to try this for myself.




The chocoloate fondue was delicious.  There was so much that our table couldn't finish it all and I come from a long line of dedicated chocolate eaters.




The class was held at Thirst a winee bar down on the waterfront.  They have a great resturant space and two rooms for classes.  I'm definitely going to come here for dinner sometime soon.




We had such a great time and it was really nice to hang out with my mom and sister as we celebrated our respective holidays.  We've even decide that we will make a fondue feast for Christmas dinner next year.  Fun!


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