Central Oregon Vacation and iPhone Panoramas

Posted on May 30, 2011



I vacationed in Central Oregon last week.  I wrote more about my adventures and have lots of photos on That Jolie Girl Walks.  This post is creating panoramas with your iphone. As you know, I’m pretty in love with Hipstamatic.  I get so wrapped up using that app that I forget use some other great photo apps on my iphone.  360 Panorama is a 99cent app that lets you easily take panoramas.  Instead of stitching flat pictures together, this app lets you paint in the panorama on a grid.  I need more practice with this app, because it has huge potential.  I’m still figuring out how shifting the camera affects light (adhere the low light warning) and how to create seamless pictures.




This is how the pano originally turned out.  I need to work on filling the entire grid, so that I don’t have to crop the photo down so much to get a rectangle photo.  Using the free Adobe Photoshop Express app, I cropped and edited the photo.  I uploaded the top photo to Facebook to show my friends and my family what I was doing on vacation.  All done on my phone.










  1. Will you give me a lesson? That looks so awesome but sounds very complicated.

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  2. Welcome to the luxury Sage Canyon cabin at Brasada Ranch! Sitting just northeast of Bend, Brasada Ranch provides guests unmatched panoramic views of the Central Oregon high desert and Cascade Mountains.

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