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Posted on Dec 29, 2012

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Hello! Thank you for checking out my personal blog! I don’t post here as often as I used to, because I’m now more focused on my new exciting projects below. I would love for you to check them out! I still post craft projects and personal adventures here, but not a regular schedule. Scroll down to see new posts.

That Jolie Girl Walks: A blog of my walking and photography journeys. I post about 3 walks a week. I’ve fallen in love with this project. It gets me out of the house and I’m constantly practicing my photography skills. I use only my iPhone set to a specific Hipstamatic setting, so I can quickly take pictures as I walk. I look for beauty in the minutiae which can be found everywhere.

Ending in Zigzag: Greg and I started this project last September. We’ve talked for years and years about how amazing it would be to visit every town in our beloved state of Oregon. We decided to use an atlas made in Oregon (3rd edition) as our bible. If a town is listed in this atlas, we will visit it. There are over 900 towns including ghost towns. It will take us years to complete this project, but that’s half of the fun!

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