April Fool’s Day

Posted on Apr 1, 2005

So here it begins. I’ve finally taken the leap into the blog world. I
am hoping to use this blog as a vehicle to create more things and be
less lazy. I have been so inspired by the many craft blogs that have
come before me. The one common thread among all of these people is how
creative they are and that they are actually making things on a regular
basis. I’m hoping the same will happen to me. I am also want use this
blog to enter the amazing community of crafters on the web. I have been
visiting so many blogs to get inspiration and I’m blown away by how
friendly and open crafters are. They are more than willing to share
ideas and to give positive feedback.

I will begin the blog
with posting things I have created in the past. It will help me get
some posting under my belt also walk down memory lane. I welcome any
comments and thank you for visting.

That Jolie Girl

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