Digging to China

Posted on Apr 16, 2005


Greg and I have lived in our house for 4 years. I love it dearly, but it needs a lot of work. The lady who owned the house before us was a bit nutty. After dismantling the snake cage, lily pond (really a bathtub with bricks stacked around it), mushrooms, dwarfs, and a huge stone lion, we were able to think about gardening. The second stage of the yard was removing 2 tons of concrete boulders that she had used to made a round about with flowers. It was so ugly! It was many weekends of hauling rock and sore backs. Finally we could get in and plant some more grass, flowers, and weed. You know the normal stuff. Well, about a year later out of no where we uncover this tire. The wonders never cease. Who knows what else is lurking out back.

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