Cat Box

Posted on May 12, 2005


Sometimes crafts are born from the most mundane of daily occurrences.  This cabinet stands 8 feet tall.  One day, I put a box on top of it to just get it out of the way.  Well, Trilly decided that the box made for a great bed.  After a couple of days, I just put a towel in the box for his comfort.  Then I got the brilliant idea of lining the box.  I took an old flannel blanket, cut it down and glued in the box and over each of the flaps.  Trilly loves it!  He sleeps in it every day. 

I tried to do the same for Atty.  I started with just a plain box, and then put a towel in it.  This pictured was taken on the very rare day that Atty got into his box.  He hasn’t been in his box since, so I haven’t bothered to line it.

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