Flying Blind

Posted on May 16, 2005


I thought this would be a fun item to post.  This was my first attempt at soldering.  I had the brilliant thought that I didn’t need to take a class; I didn’t need to read a book; I get the basic principals of soldering, how hard can it be?  So I jumped into this head first.  There were a few things I didn’t realize that needed to happen for soldering to really work.  First, you need copper tape around the glass.  This helps seal the glass and gives you a surface for soldering.  Second, you need flux.  Flux helps the solder stick to the copper tape.  All I had was solder and the glass.  It’s quite amazing that I managed to not kill myself and to also make something sort of presentable.  I decided the answer to everything was to add more solder.  I ended up making a handful of these and giving them out as Christmas presents about 7 years ago. 

Now after I have taken a couple of classes and read more than a few books, I cherish instruction and try not to delve into the unknown quite so often.  I’m hoping that when I become a world renown artist, these will be collector items.  Then again, I think that about all the weird things I have created over the years.  That’s why I keep everything.  I’m like Andy Warhol, who had whole rooms archiving the contents of his desk drawers. 


  1. Did I tell you that the one you gave me broke? Ah well. Se la vie. Sucks though because I really liked it. Oh I still have the rainbow glass you gave me in the window. It’s really really pretty. That was a good call. I have it next to the Greek green cross Jay gave me. I think it provides nice balance to the two ways I define myself.

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