I-Pod Cozy

Posted on May 24, 2005



This is my newest knitting project.  My husband fell into the i-pod craze.  He can’t function without his.  He is a bit of a music nerd.  He used to carry a back pack full of CD to listen to where ever he went.  Now with his i-pod, he back is no longer in pain from the weight of music.  I used the pattern out of the Stitch and Bitch book.  I didn’t stripe my cozy like the pattern said.  I used a chunkier yarn that was pretty hard to handle.  As you can tell from the pictures, the Velcro hasn’t been the nicest to the yarn.  It’s getting a little matted from all of the use it’s getting.  When this cozy dies, as it’s bound too because of all the use it’s getting, I will make another in yarn that isn’t so chunky.  Hopefully the Velcro won’t eat it as much.  I will also try the stripes.  I find the S&B book to be a little confusing in it’s directions and will refer to other knitting books for tips.  I haven’t used the book enough to really get into it’s groove.

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  1. you can check and get all the corrections on the snb website…i have both snb books and i feel like they didn’t check any of the patterns, they are all wonky and have mistakes in them…actually, i find that knitty.com tends to have better patterns, any corrections will be there usually, and they are free!! everything, your glass, jewelry and PHOTOS are gorgeous!

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