What’s in a Name?

Posted on May 25, 2005


I am named after the Marty Robbin’s song Jolie Girl.  I grew up listening and loving the song.  I told everyone I knew that is how I got my name.  Then a couple of years ago, I was talking to my mom and mentioned how cool I thought it was to be named for the song.  My mom blew me away by saying that wasn’t how I was named.  It was an earth shattering moment for me.  I had embraced the idea whole heartily and it was part of who I was.  So after lots of thinking, I decided that I would continue to believe that is how I got my name.  It just feels right.

Jolie Girl

Aw, we walked the streets of Greenwich Village
Holdin’ hands like school kids in the summer August sun
Smilin’ at the passing strangers on their way
And wishin’ the end would never come
Then a flower lady sold me one red rose to give you
For your chestnut hair, just to make it shine
Then I held it close to me, and I whispered
Jolie girl, when will you be mine

Then we stepped up to the first stand on the corner
For some coconut champagne
And a taxi driver cussed us, ’cause a blind man got his tip
And tapped "thank you" with his cane
And we ducked out of the rain into a dusty little shop
That traded books and fluffy hats, rings and beads
Then I held it close to me, and I whispered
Jolie girl, you’re all I need

Aw, Jolie girl, please don’t ask me how long I’ll be stayin’
You and your dandy ship of dreams that we can share
Tomorrow is just another day, I’m maybe far away
Jolie girl, I might be anywhere
So let’s spread our blanket in the park and hold each other close
The night is coming on and soon we’ll have to go
But remember, Jolie girl, oh remember
Jolie girl, I love you so


  1. Just loved this entry. So quirky! So what’s the real story? Loved the song lyrics as well….very touching. PS How come your husband’s blog doesn’t allow comments? I’m all about the comments!

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