The Effects of Separation

Posted on May 27, 2005


I was cruising around the web jumping from one link to the next and I happened upon this piece.  The artist is Chris Buzelli and his work is just amazing.  I love when you find something that instantly connects with you.  Art can be so powerful and passionate.  It’s easy to see how it feeds the soul.  It’s why I have this crazy desire to be an artist.  It so fulfilling. 

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  1. That is pretty damn cool. You need to go to that last confessional website I sent you. Postcards something or other? Some of those are very much the art that I like. Some are just plain weird as well. Have you been to my blog lately? I figured out how to make each thing appear one at a time BY MYSELF (no thanks to certain individuals). Very proud of that. Also does Bethany blog? I would love to see what she does.
    PS I want to comment on the irony of the blog title SOOOOOO bad but don’t want to piss you off. So I won’t. Just know it is KILLING me. I’m not being passive aggressive here. It’s a conscious decision to LET IT BE. Is it possible that I could be growing? Or is my shortness yet another metaphor for shortcomings in my personality?

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