Dog Earrings

Posted on May 31, 2005


The nice thing about a three day weekend is having the time to be creative.  I actually found time to make these earrings.  It’s the first thing I’ve done outside of a class in a the last month or so. I did realize that I need a new soldering iron.  Mine does not stay hot.  I have to wait for it to re-heat after every use.  It’s not very convenient and it also doesn’t allow for a good bead of solder.  The iron that I have is at least 10 years old and was the cheapest iron for sale.  I think now that I’m actually starting to create more jewelry, it’s time to move on up.

The back side of the earrings also has these cute little dogs.  I borrowed the idea from a friend (Thanks Diana!) to attach the wire to the edges of the piece instead of in the middle.  It’s much easier this way and I think it looks much nicer.  I did come up with the idea of putting a bead on the wire.  I really like how this looks.  I think it will be my signature look.


I also made this piece.  I actually cut glass and foiled about 6 different pieces, but since my soldering iron was so bad, I just didn’t have the patience to continue soldering.  As you can see, I still need to clean this piece. 


This is the back side of the piece above.  I need to work on better lighting.  Greg is talking about building me this photo studio.  I think it will really help show case my pieces better.  I did get out my macro lens that fits onto my digital Canon A40.  It’s amazing how well the macro lens works.  I need to practice with it a lot more. 

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  1. Those are cuter than cute. I really really liked the other one too- the front and back. Very cool. You are so creative! You’re reading the Interpreter now? That was a really compelling character. I’m not sure I understand her even after it was all over. Also what did you think of Kinsey? Never saw. Saw Lemony Snicket and thought it was amazing visually. Forgot it was Jim Carrey which is usually pretty hard to do. What did you think? Shade used to be into those books…

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