Posted on Jun 1, 2005


I love Peonies.  I don’t know why, but I’m so drawn to them.  At one time I even contemplated getting a tattoo of a Peony.  They are far superior to the rose.  Which I believe is totally over rated.  I’m not into things that can hurt me.  It’s a little ironic since I live in the ‘City of Roses’.  I guess I’ve never been known for being main stream.  If you look closely at the these Peonies, you will see little ants on them.  If anyone has a solution to get rid of the ants, I would love to hear it.  Because of the little buggers, I don’t bring the flowers into the house.  Well, that and my cats would just eat them.  So they stay in my yard for me to view from a far. 



  1. I forgot to mention but I have heard that the ants are necessary for the peonies to open. Some story I heard. Like the flower secretes some sticky substance that get the ants to nibble it off. If there are no ants, the flower can’t open. Check it out. Maybe I’m on crack. It’s entirely possible!

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  2. I never heard that ants were necessary to the peony, but we always had peonies in NY, and they always had ants on them. Big black ones up there. And when you think how intertwined all of nature, and the world, is, it’s easy to believe it’s part of the system.

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