Fused Glass Class #3

Posted on Jun 2, 2005


My third glass class was all about inclusions.  Again, my favorites are this top group.  The piece on the top left was my attempt to recreate a necklace that I love.  It looks pretty close to the original.  I can’t wait to mount that piece and wear it.  The piece on the bottom right is this week’s leaf motif.  The leaf is copper foil that I cut out and drew vines.  I really like this one as well.  I was excited to use the copper wire, because I have done a lot of wire manipulation in the past.  I thought this might be a great avenue for me to merge the wire manipulation and glass.  Well, I wasn’t too impressed with out they turned out.  I’m not giving up all hope, but might venture out into other possibilities. 


Since I was trying to focus on the inclusions, I worked with a lot of clear glass.  Here you can see copper foil, copper wire, and copper mesh.  The bottom two are good examples of glass shifting in the kiln.  When I placed them in the kiln, they were perfectly lined up.  Now they are slip sliding away. 


Here I used silver foil.  I like the look of these, but the squares shift and spread in the kiln, so it’s not as geometrically perfect as I would prefer.  It’s still fun to see how things turn out.  The bottom right is clear glass that I put a fern in between.  You can barely seen the skeleton of the fern.  The fern burned out in the kiln.  I put the purple glass underneath to help show the fern. 


Here is more wire manipulation.  This piece is a bit big, so it will most likely become a Christmas ornament. 

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  1. I cannot tell you how jealous I am of your glass fusing class! Your pieces are so great, too. My favorite is the very top right one.

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