What’s Your Secret?

Posted on Jun 3, 2005


My cousin sent me this link to PostSecret.  People mail in a postcard containing a secret about themselves.  Some of them are pretty funny, but mostly they are heart wrenching and poignant.  This is such a great idea to get people to artistically showcase their pain.  It has to help with the healing process.  People realize that they aren’t alone.  It makes me want to mail in a secret, but I haven’t figured out what my secret is…

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  1. I just knew you would like that website! Granted some of them (“I pick my nose when no one is looking” or “I save all the used staples in my office”) aren’t really confessions as much as just weird. Others were, as you said, poingnant. I have a buncha stuff I could confess but have no desire to sit down and make a postcard. I hope this helps some people move on with their lives. Life is too damn short, ya know?

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