Juniper Trees

Posted on Jun 6, 2005


I was lucky enough to spend the first 12 years of my life in Redmond, Oregon.  Most of those years were spent out of town in the country.  It was a trek to our nearest neighbors and my sister and I would take turns turning the antenna so we could watch the one TV channel we received.  We had the freedom to roam the land until dusk.  It’s a freedom children don’t get today, especially in the city. 


I spent this last weekend in Redmond and couldn’t resist going for some of the same walks I did as a child.  The high desert is such a beautiful place.  The Juniper trees and sagebrush instantly bring me back to my childhood.  I love the twisted form of the Juniper tree.


I took these pictures of my beloved Juniper trees.  I would love to do a photo study on the juniper tree.  This trip was a good start.


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  1. I was surprised when you shared about going outside to turn the antenna! David and I did that as well. We got two or three channels I think. ABC, PBS and something else? Don’t remember. Anyway just suprised we had that in common.
    I really liked the closeup with the green moss(?) growing up and out.

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