Posted on Jun 17, 2005


Today is my 5th year wedding anniversary.  I’ve actually been with my husband for 12 years now.  We took our sweet time getting married.  Our family had given up hope after 7 years.  Then I decided that it would be great to have a big party just for ourselves, it didn’t hurt that if we got married, I would be entitled to his free health care. 

We did the whole thing ourselves.  We got married out in the woods at Silver Falls State Park.  Each of our parents performed part of the ceremony.  My father-in-law became a Reverend through the United Life Church so he could sign the legal documents.  We rented a lodge and had family and friends bring sleeping bags and spend the night.  We had a burrito bar and lots of music.  People took walks and checked out the many waterfalls.  It was very causal and so much fun.  The following morning we had a huge breakfast.  It was the perfect wedding.

I’m so lucky to be with my husband.  He is just crazy enough to make me look sane and sane enough to keep me grounded.   This is a picture of him taken at Newport, Oregon.

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