Wacky Weather

Posted on Jun 20, 2005


We had a wild storm last night.  The weather forecast called for rain all weekend long.  Of course, it was sunny and beautiful both Saturday and Sunday.  About 7pm, we got severe thunderstorm warning for several close by counties.  We thought nothing of it because we are used to the rain in Portland.

My husband and I were watching a movie while outside kept getting brighter and brighter.  It was so strange.  Looking out, this is what we saw.  The right side of the rainbow was a really eerie yellow that didn’t show up too well here.


Of course I run outside to take pictures.  As I am seeing lightening and hearing the super loud thunder, I realize holding my metal camera up over my head probably isn’t the smartest thing I could be doing.  The lightening was amazing!  Something we don’t get a lot in Portland.  There was even talk of a Tornado.  Thank goodness this didn’t come to pass. 


Finally by about 9:30pm the storm was over.  The news said that some areas had winds over 70 mph.  We didn’t see anything like that.  For the most part, we just got to see a great show. 

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