Wire Man

Posted on Jun 21, 2005


It’s been a long couple of weeks filled with good times and bad.  I figured it was time to jump off my personal saga and get back into the crafts.  That’s really what I’m here for.  I visited my husband at his work a couple of weeks ago.  He was working on a Saturday and I was running errands.  I noticed this little guy in his cubicle.  I made this for my husband a couple of years ago.  I had forgotten all about him.  He is holding a sign that says ‘I love you’.  It’s a little hard to see in the picture.  He stands about 3 inches tall and is made from galvanized steel.  I got the wire from a hardware store.  It’s super cheap.  He’s the only one I made and I’m thinking I should try my hand at this again.  I really love wire manipulation. 

I also want to thank Craftlog for adding my blog to her ‘newer discoveries’ list.  When I read that she had updated her blog list, I crossed my fingers and took a deep breath…and there I was.  I’m so happy about that, it totally made my day.

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