Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Posted on Aug 8, 2005


I’m home from my week long trip to Florence, Oregon.  The weather was great,  It was sunny, yet cool whereas we escaped from a Portland in the 90′s.  My niece, my husband, and I joined his family and friends camping on the dunes.  There were 13 of us total.  We did have fancy bathroom accommodations.  My brother-in-law set up a port-a-potty in a tent.  Let me tell you that was heaven.  It beats squatting every time.


Mostly our trip consisted of riding quads in the dunes of Florence.  This was the first time I had really been on a quad.  I only got scared when going up or down a hill..so pretty much all the time.  My catch phrase quickly became "That’s it folks, I’m freaking out".  My niece (white helmet) took to it swimmingly.  At one point when I was freaking out about going up a big hill, she turned to me and said "don’t worry, you won’t fall when I’m driving".  The funny thing is that it really did calm me down. 


When we weren’t cruising the dunes, we walked on the beach looking for shells and worry stones, ate great food (thanks Bethany!) and played in the sand.  Yes, there really was a stop sign in the middle of the sand.  It seemed totally out of place. 


I’m so happy to be home.  I think I’m more exhausted than when I left.  Sleeping on sand isn’t very soft and the 6 month old would wake us all around 6:30am.  We plan on doing this every year.  I think it will be a great tradition!

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