Camera Crazy

Posted on Oct 4, 2005


My husband bought me a new camera!  I think it was a selfish move on his part because I never let him touch our camera.  I’m the photographer…translation camera hog.  So now that I have this gorgeous new thing, he gets our (now) old Canon camera.  I’m hoping to practice using this camera over the weekend.  It comes with so many bells and whistles, that it will take some time figuring it all out. 

This entire week I will be house sitting for my friends, who are vacationing in Hawaii.  They have two Chihuahuas and one cat.  The dogs are so cute.  They sleep under the covers with me at night.  They are also kind enough to lick my face almost every hour when I’m sleeping.  So as you can guess, no new crafts this week.  One day I will be at my house for more than a couple of days.  On the good side, my kiln is at my friend’s house, so I’m going to try to makes some stuff this weekend.  I might be too afraid to fire up the kiln by myself.  I don’t want them to come home to a burned down house.  Talk about a vacation downer. 

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