Posted on Nov 8, 2005


The changing of seasons is definitely in full swing.  Our house is a 50′s ranch style house.  Translation, single paned windows.  It makes the house chilly, but it also creates a lot of condensation on the windows.  For some odd reason, my cat loves the condensation.


He will send a good half an hour licking the windows.  It cracks me up every time.  I figure it’s like drinking ice water, cool and refreshing.  The first picture was taken after he finished licking this particular window. 


  1. That is GOOD times! I love it!
    Oh btw-Did you like A Home at the End of the World? I bought the book but haven’t read yet. same guy that wrote “the Hours” Yes? I heard the only reason to see it was Colin Firth at the end.

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  2. That’s adorable! One of my cats parks in front of my fireplace whenever there’s a fire. I can’t imagine how he doesn’t roast!

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