They Say It’s Your Birthday

Posted on Nov 17, 2005


My niece turned twelve on Veteran’s Day.  I’ve spent the last week reminiscing about the last twelve years.  I was lucky enough to be with my sister during labor and to see my niece being born.  It’s still one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I also was fortunate to live with my sister during the first year of my niece’s life.  My sister was finishing up her degree, so I took time off of school and work to stay home with my niece that year.  Another amazing experience that I would never change.  Especially since my husband and I decided that we don’t want to have children.  Believe me, that’s the best decision for everyone involved.  I still got to be a mom for a year and it was fantastic. 

My sister has a friend that made my niece’s birthday cake, pictured above.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was beautiful.  Inside were three layers: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.  The same friend made the cake for my nephew’s ‘Welcome Home’ party, pictured below.  Seeing these gorgeous cakes makes me want to take a cake decorating class.  I’ve always experimented with fancy cakes, but mine have always looked more slapped together than professional.  I will add this to my list of classes I still  need to take.


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  1. Wow! Love that cake! That’s amazing!
    How do you like Bel Canto btw?

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