Macro Day – Bathroom

Posted on Jan 26, 2006


Finally, I have done another Macro Day photo.  I am going to really try to get back into the habit of Photo Friday and Macro Day.  I like the challenge of it, but I have just been super lazy about taking photos lately.  Macro Day is tricky, because you have to go to their site to see what the topic is.  Remembering to visit their site is harder than you might think. 

I got excited when I saw that the topic for this week is Bathroom.  I knew instantly what I was going to do.  My shower has this really weird random pattern on it.  It’s sort of like looking at clouds.  You can see different things all the time.  I see everything from dogs to cars in the patterns.  My husband stares at this dude every day.  He will spend a good 20 minutes looking at him.  He says he sees Jesus in the shower.  I don’t quite believe that’s true, but I do know he sure uses a lot of hot water.

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  1. No biggie. Jesus makes appearances all over the place. The dude is everywhere! Now, if he spotted Elvis or the Virgin Mary, that would be a whole other story entirely!

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