Thursday Nights

Posted on Feb 2, 2006


My mom was way before her time.  She understood the importance of spending quality time with her children.  Back in the Reagen era while everyone else was pacifying their children with TV, my mom made time for me and my sister.  Each Thursday night, my dad would take one kid and my mom would take the other.  My father would always take us out to a movie or occasionally bowling.  We didn’t do too much bonding, but I always felt special having a night on the town with my dad.  My mom would stay home with the other child and she would have craft night.  We did everything from carving soap to making paper flowers. We had her undivided attention the whole evening.  The following Thursday, my sister and I would switch parents.  I always looking forward to each Thursday.  It was the best day of the week.


  1. I never heard about your Thursdays before! That is so cool! And it explains about how you started getting interested in crafts, movies and bowling? I think that is a really cool memory and a better tradition. Instead of giving your child expensive gifts, give them the gift of TIME and ATTENTION.

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  2. Your mom sounds like a great person. I love that idea.

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