Felt Flower Bouquet by Holly

Posted on Aug 4, 2011


Holly from the UK sent me this picture of the incredible felt flower bouquet she made for her sis-in-law.  Holly emailed me many months ago asking for some help with my felt flower bouquet tutorial.  I was happy to share my knowledge with her and asked her to send me a picture of her finished bouquet.  It turned out so well!  The bride is Chinese and the groom is Scottish, so the theme was cherry blossoms combined with mackenzie tartan.  I think the end result is beautiful!  What a great idea!  Holly also made hairbands for the bridesmaids, buttonholes, wands and the ring bearer’s pillow.  Wow!  Such an amazing gift to give her new sis-in-law that I know will be appreciated for years.

Have you made a bouquet of your own?  I’d love to see it and post pictures here. 

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