Accepted to the next I Heart Art: Portland Mixer Match!

Posted on Aug 5, 2011


I found out this week that I will be participating in the next I Heart Art: Portland’s Mixer Match on August 17th!  Yippee! The first couple of days after I found out, I was in shock and walked around in a daze.  Now it’s fully sinking in and I have much work to do!  I’m so grateful for this opportunity; this will be my first real experience trying to sell my product to others.  I’m also crazy nervous, but I’ve started practicing my 2 minute spiel and I will be ready for that night.  My sis (I Heart Shade) was also selected!  I’m so happy to that we will be there together, supporting each other.  I know it will make the evening which will be nerve racking, just a smidge easier.

Jen Nietzel of I Heart Art and DIY Lounge made this amazing video of the last Mixer Match.  Check it out and you will get a feel of what the event was like.


  1. So proud of you and your talent, creativity and commitment to your art! You will have a blast at this mixer and end up with lots of sales leads. You go, girl.

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  2. That’s awesome! And it’ll be great for the two of you to be there together. No hiding behind the plants, I guess.

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