Sublime Stitching

Posted on Mar 10, 2006


My cool Aunt from Florida was in town last weekend.  I had the opportunity to take Friday off and show her around town.  She loves Portland, but hadn't really seen the sites for many years.  We ate breakfast at Genies.  Then we headed to Powell's.  She hadn't been to Powell's since the remodel. We walked through all the rooms and just enjoyed talking leisurely.  I did buy my first Sublime Stitching pattern.  I was so excited to find the Rock and Roll patterns.  I can't wait to make my Record Store Geek something.  I was looking for the bowling patterns.  I want to embroidery bowling shirts for my bowling league team.  For some reason, Powell's is always out of the bowling patterns.  Then we toured the Pearl District.  My Aunt loved all the cool old buildings that are getting revamped to hold businesses and housing.  In the afternoon we toured the Hawthorne District and had lunch at the Bagdad Pub.  We had such a great day meandering around the city and having great conversations.  It's been along time since I've had so much one on one with my Aunt.  It was such a great day!

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  1. Okay I’m over my jealousy and have moved on to being happy for you both. It sounds like you had a really nice time. It’s hard to believe it was possible without MOI but I don’t understand math either so… :)

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