Kraf-O-La’s Eye Candy Tuesday

Posted on Mar 14, 2006


As an ode to Kraf-O-La, I decided to post an Eye Candy Tuesday.  I’m slowly making my rounds through the craft blogs that I visit and dabbling in all the cool things that all these woman do.  I posted my only quilt as inspired by Angry Chicken’s Quilt Monday. I don’t know if I have the courage to post a photo of one of my corners.  It would be tricky to find one that is clean and without cobwebs. 

I found these necklaces by Anne Black at Greener Grass Designs.  The entire site is filled with super cool stuff.  I was mostly drawn to these lovely necklaces.  I love how delicate they look.  Looking at how many colors are sold out, it seems like many other people like them as well.  $45.00 is a fine price for these necklaces, though it’s a bit rich for me.  That’s one of the great things about making jewelry, is that I can make something pretty for myself without spending much money.

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