Wondrous Art Wednesday

Posted on Mar 15, 2006


My cousin took me to Birger Sandzen Memorial Art Gallery at the Bethany College in Kansas.  I hadn’t been familiar with Sandzen’s work before.  He has created art in many different medias from watercolors to writing books.  He will probably be best remember as an incredible wood block prints.  I love all the detail that he can achieve in his wood block prints.  I bought several cards bearing his images that day.  You can check out more about his life here.


I’m sure my cousin could pipe in and add better details to my story.  He, being born and raised in Kansas, takes pride in claiming Sandzen as his own.  The entire town of Lindsborg, Kansas has great memories for me.  The town has a Swedish flair and I even tried pickled herring there for the very first and last time.  Actually after one bite, I made my cousin eat my portion for me.  Trust me, it’s definitely a food that doesn’t need to be pickled.  Good times!




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  1. You picked some really good samples of his wood block work! My first exposure to Sandzen (Sand-ZEEN) was through my music teacher, Mrs. Tice. She had an original on her wall. She had met him through her work with the orchestra in Lindsborg. She told me about him all the time and how she thought his prints had this Eastern/Japanese influence. I can see that a little-in the trees.

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