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Posted on Apr 6, 2006


My husband and I were at Goodwill this weekend.  I always go through the craft books looking for a gem.  I got lucky on this trip.  I picked up Children’s World by Erica Wilson.  Erica is an expert in crewel and is often sited as a resource in books.  I first saw her referenced in The New Crewel. So when I saw that she was the author, I was immediately intrigued.  I wasn’t disappointed when I flipped through the book.


The best part was the section on the Muppets.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a freak about the Muppets.  From Sesame Street to The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson is my hero.  The price of the book was worth it alone for these knitted Muppet Finger puppets.


There are also patterns to make a Fozzie Bear latch hook rug, a Miss Piggy pillow and Kermit the Frog cross stitch.  I was in hog (forgive the pun) heaven. 


Seriously, how cute is this?


The rest of the book has crafts inspired by Babar, Winnie The Pooh (Another favorite, I get sentimental every time I hear Sterling Holloway’s voice) and Beatrix Potter. 

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  1. I really really love Babar! That was awesome! The Muppets finger puppets are super cute too! What a score!

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