Watercolor Class – Week 1

Posted on Apr 7, 2006


My sister and I started a watercolor class this week.  Painting is something that I’ve always been drawn too, but never very good at.  So I jumped at the chance to take this class.  The first night mainly consisted of going over supplies.  We covered the types of paint to use as well as what good brushes are made of.  Did you know a common type of hair for brushes comes from squirrels?  In the last half in hour of the class, we started painting.  The teacher demoed for us how to make a sky with clouds. Then she sent us off to try it ourselves.  Well, I can definitely tell that I need a class.  I couldn’t figure out how to make the clouds look like clouds.  My first try is at the very top.  The teacher came by and said  that I had made mud and to try again.  In the end, I actually like my first try the best.  The class is 10 weeks long, so hopefully by the end progress will be achieved and clouds will look like clouds.


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