Watercolor Class – Week 2

Posted on Apr 11, 2006


Last night was my second watercolor class.  We focused on techniques and didn’t try to paint anything.  The first painting was all about working wet.  We soaked the paper completely for about 10 minutes.  Then we worked with cool colors just trying to get a feel for what happens to the paint when the paper is so wet.  From just dropping paint onto the paper to using different brush strokes, this was good practice for us.  We also did a salt wash.  This is simply adding salt onto your painting while it’s wet to create different starburst effects.  I used regular table salt, so it’s tricky to see the results in this picture.


This next painting was all about loading your brush with different paint.  We double loaded (2 different colors on the same brush) and triple loaded our brush.  We loaded side to side and also top to bottom.  I liked this technique a lot.  It was easy to do and you got quick results.  Next week we will learn about dry techniques.  Sounds like fun.

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