Destination Imagination – State

Posted on Apr 13, 2006


I spent this past weekend in Corvallis, Oregon for the Destination Imagination State competition.  My niece’s team had earned a place at state when they competed in regionals back in March.  My husband I and were appraisers again at the state level.  My niece’s team did a great job once again and came in second place in their challenges age group.  Her team earned a place at the Global competition in Nashville.  Unfortunately, they won’t be going because it’s too expensive (hotel, food, etc) to go.  I wasn’t able to watch my niece compete because of my appraising duties, by my sister video taped everything I hope to watch it over Easter.


Look, I was Head Appraiser.  It’s a fancy title for basically telling the other person on my team what to do.  The other appraiser on my team was my husband.  I always tell him what to do, so there was no joy in being the head gal. 

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