Beach Creatures

Posted on May 4, 2006


My husband and I were able to make it to Newport, OR this past weekend.  We had a great time relaxing and being lazy.  I got to take some pictures of the wildlife that we encountered.  These are the best of the lot.


I was very happy with this shot.  Sea Lions lounge all around the Newport bayfront sunning themselves.  They are very vocal about their spot on this pier. 


Here they are all together.  We did get to see some excitement when the pier tipped over and all the Sea Lions had to bale out.


I always call these birds Plovers, but my husband thinks I’m wrong.  Either way, I just like the name Plover.


A very brave surfer with some Sandpipers.


Baby seagull in it’s nest with it’s parent.


Sunbathing on the Oregon coast.  We had two blankets and jackets.  Still, it was lovely to sit out and watch the ocean for hours.

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  1. Ah Oregon beaches. I remember that was the first time I ever saw the ocean. The huge waves terrified me. I also had this idea that the beach there would be much like it is in the movies. Instead I discoverd it was liquid ice! A bit of a rude awakening. Since then the Oregon coast has become a powerful experience for me. Very primordial,wild,not really friendly or easy but still beautiful. I love the contradictions!

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