Trusty Sidekick

Posted on Aug 16, 2011



I met my newest cousin last month at a family function in Idaho.  I wanted to get him a present and knew that this onesie from Trusty Sidekick was just the thing.  I had first heard of Trusty Sidekick when she was at the booth next to me at a craft fair a few years ago.  I just love her brilliant idea for kids clothes and she is also super, super nice.  Go buy her stuff!




I also bought this cape for new cousin’s older brother.  I didn’t want him to be left out and I figured what kid wouldn’t want a super hero cape.  I want one.




Here is my baby cousin.  Doesn’t he look like a Trusty Sidekick?


  1. Super cute! Love love love! I have to ask next time if J-man is wearing the cape!! Ka-pow!

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  2. Thanks! It would be super cool if they could send me a picture of them wearing their the onesie and cape. I’m sure they will look adorable.

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  3. Oh, such cute things! I like them))
    Thanks a lot for sharing the info and the pics here))

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