Mosaic Jewelry

Posted on May 18, 2006


Finally, Short Fuses lives again…sort of.  This is stuff that I made several months ago, and just got back.  My kiln partner has been busy with her own venture of opening a coffee shop.  So Short Fuses is on the back burner.  Which is totally fine.  Being the natural procrastinator that I am, I’m all for waiting until she gets the coffee shop off the ground.  Plus if I’m nice to her, I will might get free coffee.  So it’s a win-win.

Each little square inside the mosaic pieces are a quarter of an inch squared. 


She did get to fire these pieces a couple of weeks ago.  It was a nice surprise because I had forgotten all about them.  I really like doing these mosaic pieces.  It’s a bit tedious with all the small parts, but I like the end result.


These aren’t the best pictures, but I wanted to get them up to show.  All they need are backs and they will be ready to go. 


I think these  smaller ones would make good earrings.  I’m afraid they look a little too much like pills. 

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  1. The smaller ones didn’t make me think of pills but I did think of lady bugs for some reason! red and black of course would work but whose to say that lady bugs can’t be pastel? And then there are the spots…hmmm. Anyway I really liked the first couple at the top as well. The cross pattern appeals to me the best…

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