Watercolor Class – Week 7

Posted on May 22, 2006


We did another class in the park.  It’s amazing what a week in Portland can mean.  The week before we were freezing and trying to keep our hands warm.  This week it was in the mid 90′s and we were miserable.  We were lucky to have our class in the park, because our classroom was well over 100 degrees.  I really like my tree on the right.  I like how delicate it looks.  The tree on the left is a bit odd.  The base of the truck kept growing.  I did add in shadows of the trees, but you almost can’t see them after I put the grass in.  This grass is much better than the last time I painted grass.  I opted not to paint a sky, because I like how the trees look against the white.  This is my favorite painting thus far. We have two classes to go and we are doing flowers next.  That’s what I wanted to do all along, so I’m very excited.

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  1. I’m so glad you are taking this class! I don’t expect you to take the art world by storm but at least you’ll have some basics! You are really coming along quickly! you go grrrrrrrrrrl!

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