Claudine Hellmuth’s Books

Posted on May 31, 2006


My husband and Mother-in-law got me these books and DVDS by Claudine Hellmuth for my Birthday.  I love Claudine’s work and really wanted to take her classes when she visits Portland in October.  Her classes are expensive, although I’m sure worth every penny.  When I found these books and DVDs, I decided this might be the better way to go. 


I would highly recommend these books to anyone.  They are written in a very conversational way, but chocked full of information.  The casual tone is very enjoyable and makes it easy to pick up the information.  She has tips and hints based on what has worked best for her.  She also give lots of variations to her projects to help you make art that is your own. 


The DVDs are amazing.  Being a very visual person, what I can’t pick up off the written page is all laid out for me in her demonstrations.  Watching her do the different collage techniques really let me see that I could do this too.  I watched them for the first time this Saturday.  I was glued to the screen the entire time.  One thing that drew me to Claudine’s work is her use of old photographs in her collages.  I really want to make collages based on my family’s photos.  I got all the supplies I needed this weekend and can’t wait to start on my first project.  I think I’m going to start by doing a collage of my cats. 

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