Goodwill Needle Punch

Posted on Jun 8, 2006


I was lucky enough to find a needle punch at Goodwill for 2 dollars.  It’s something that I’ve read about about in the blog world and was curious about it.  The needle punch was in pristine condition with three needles and a very long instruction book.


The book came with 15 iron on patterns that had never been used.  Here are a few of the patterns.  You can tell this was made in the 70′s. 


Here are the instructions on threading and using the needle punch.  It was actually really well written and I was up and running in about 5 minutes.







Here is my first silly attempt at using the needle punch.  I drew my 1 inch circle per the instructions on number 5. I think I need to have a bit more patience and work a bit slower.  Although, I must admit it was a good way to get out aggression by punching the needle into the fabric.  The book said that it was needle punching was machine washable.  I don’t know how that can be since it seem to come out super easily.  All in all, it was a great 2 dollar investment. 


  1. whew! Okay you are like discovering new art/craft mediums weekly now! Last week it was collage, now it’s this needle punch (score on the two bucks btw!). At this rate you will overtake Martha w/in the year!
    I predict that you will learn every craft/art medium known to humankind and will then have to turn your attentions to making the world over in your own image. That’s my prediction. Write it down and read it 5 years from now if you haven’t already incorporated it into a craft. :)

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  2. Actually I still have this kit. You can not imagine how many things I made with this, even for my kits when their were babies. I get another kind of needle punch but it was very complicated. I prefere this one, because is more handler and you can cary him even in your pocket safetly.

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