Alaskan Cruise

Posted on Jun 27, 2006


Our cruise to Alaska was amazing!  We left Seattle on Sunday and returned to Seattle the following Sunday.  I think I’m sold on the idea of cruising.  The food is plentiful, the towns come to you and there is always something beautiful to see.  My husband wrote a really good post about our trip here. He talks about what we did each day.  So since that’s already done for me, I thought I would post a few pictures (out of the hundreds I took) of our trip.  The above photo is our first sunset of the journey.  We were lucky enough to see several more just as beautiful.


My husband has family in Ketchikan.  They were nice enough to meet us at the boat when it docked at 6am.  They drove us around showing us the town and taking us to many totem poles.  We were so lucky to have them as tour guides.  It made our stay in Ketchikan so much more fun.


My husband’s cousin owns a sea plane company called Southeast Aviation.  We were lucky enough to get a free ride touring the Misty Fjords.  The ride was spectacular.  We even got to land out on a huge body of water.  We climbed out of the plane for some fresh air.


Another picture of the Misty Fjords.


Our cruise took us into the waters of Tracey Arm Fjord.  We got to see icebergs as big as houses.


This was about as far as we could travel to the Fjord.  The icebergs didn’t permit us to get any closer.  I love the rainbow in this shot.


In Juneau, we took a helicopter ride out onto the Mendenhall Glacier.  We got to walk on the glacier.  It was spectacular.


A close up of the glacier from the helicopter.  The crevices are huge.  We didn’t walk on this part.  It would be way too dangerous.  Note the blue, blue water.


This dude was carved in a tree at the top of the Mount Roberts Tram in Juneau.  The tram was fun, but a bit scary.  The views from the top were incredible.


Love this photo! This is in Skagway.  It was a very foggy morning.  Luckily it cleared later in the afternoon for our train trip on the Yukon Pass.


Taken from the back of the train.  We were on some seriously scary train tracks.  It was better to just not think about it.  We were smart enough to get a seat in the very back of the train, so we could stand out and take in the fresh air and the incredible scenery.  I was very nervous standing out there and had to come in quite often. 


We did get to see a bear.  I’m so sad that the picture I got was fuzzy, but we were on the train.  He was very close to us and looked to be quite young.


Yes, our train did go over this bridge.  We climbed hundreds of feet in the train and even crossed over into Canada.  Parts of the train followed the ‘Trail of 98′.  The single file trail that pioneers used to get to the Klondike gold rush. 


We got to see lots of whales spouting from our boat.  We didn’t get to see any great tails in the air, but it was so much fun to see the water spouts.  Super hard to get a good shot of the whales at all.  I got lots of pictures with nothing in them but water.  Those suckers move really fast. 

Our trip was a huge success.  We had great weather and a wonderful time.  It took me a good solid week to get back into the groove of normal life.  Cruising is exhausting!

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  1. I am glad that you had a great trip. Your photos are wonderful.

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