Un-felted bag

Posted on Jul 6, 2006


I did it!  I finally finished the bag I started in my class at Lint.  I put the project down for about a month because I have been super busy.  I was worried that I wouldn’t remember how to do the Intarsia, but I picked it back up rather easily.  I think that is credit to my teacher

So here is the ‘bag’ all done and laid out.  I needed to finish the last group of circles, sew the sides of the bag together and make the handle.


Here is a behind the scenes shot.  I still needed to weave in end yarn for the top two circles.  It’s amazing how many ends there were for such simple circles.


Here is the completed bag!  The handle went on super fast.  I had to get on-line to remember how to pick up (PU) stitches from the bag to start the handle.  I bind-ed (bound?) off the end of the handle and just sewed it onto the other side.  Now I need to felt it.  I’m a bit nervous about that since the bag will shed fiber all over my washing machine, but I’m going to get over that fast so I can have my end result. 

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