Goodwill Finds

Posted on Jul 7, 2006


Oh Goodwill, how do I love thee?   Here are my latest finds from Goodwill.  Even when I don’t find anything, there is something about the  hunt that is just so much fun.  This book is so cute and it actually has great instructions in it. 


Every page rhymes. 



The book also came with 43 patterns to hand sew felt animals. 


This is all of them laid out on my kitchen floor.  So many cute ones to choose from.  I love the elephants.


I have been thinking that it would be nice to re-learn how to crochet.  My mom and mother-in-law both do an amazing job crocheting.  I figured this would be a cheap and easy way to get back into it.


The amazing thing about this book, besides the great pictures and directions, is that every technique is shown for right handed and left handed people.  My mom is left handed and I know that it’s always a struggle to get directions that work for her.


Another thing I’ve always wanted to try is Quilling.  This is a kit for kids to make barnyard animals.  I love that it came with 20 googly eyes.  Although I’m tempted to make this instead of the barnyard animals.  A lot of times, I like finding kits for kids.  The instructions are just so much easier to understand.  I’m not sure what that says about me….


OK, this is the find of the day.  I can’t wait to make the men in my life underwear.  How funny is that?  I love the model complete with the 70′s mustache.  Every time I think about this, it makes me laugh.


  1. I love the sewing and crocheting books! And thanks for the compliment, although I have only learned to crochet a couple of patterns so far. But there is something sick and wrong about sewing men’s underwear… way, Jose!

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  2. You have to try quilling!!! It is so much fun and so beautiful. I love the googly eyes, they can bring a smile to everyone’s face. I have to admit that I am partial to quilling and am a bit addicted. But if you are serious and have any questions, stop by my blog too ( When you finish, I’d love to see what you;ve made. I’ll have to skip the mens underwear though!

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  3. That underwear was SEW funny! I liked the flowers. That was not what I had initially thought of when you were talking about taking up quilting! I was goin’ all Amish on ya there!
    Goodwill is awesome. I totally can’t wait to get back into that again!

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