Mount St. Helens

Posted on Jul 11, 2006


On Sunday, I headed up to Mount St. Helens with relatives from Kentucky.  My husband and I last visited the mountain a year ago, about two months before it’s last big eruption.  For those of you living outside of the "ring of fire".  Mount St. Helens is one of the youngest and more volatile volcanoes among the many many active mountains along the Pacific Northwest, South America, Japan, etc.  It had a major eruption on May 18th, 1980 (a date that is ingrained in every person’s memory around these parts) that devastated the area and sent an ash cloud that circled the planet.  Before 1980, this mountain had a rounded top.


Last year, there was another eruption that didn’t do too much damage because so much of the mountain was destroyed in the 1980 eruption.  Since last year, the mountain has been acting up quite regularly, as you can see with the steam rising from the top.  This picture is a close up of the crater.  Supposedly the entire city of Portland can fit within this crater.  Also, a dump truck’s worth of material is created every 10 seconds.  This was the first time I’ve gotten to see steam coming out of the mountain.  It was amazing!


The day was absolutely beautiful.  We definitely lucked out because the rest of this week is supposed to be cloudy and cold. 


The is a view from the Coldwater Interpretive Center.  This lake was created from the 1980 blast.  If you get a chance, you definitely should head out to check out the mountain.  It’s only about 2 hours from Portland.  There are three main interpretive centers to check out along the way.  You can buy a wristband for six dollars that gets you into all of the centers.  You can learn a lot about mountains and take in spectacular views.  There are short documentaries at each center.  If you only watch one movie, make sure it’s the one at the Johnston Ridge Interpretive Center.  It’s amazing!


This dragonfly landed on the antenna of our car.  This photo hasn’t been touched in any way.  I love this shot!  I got some other pictures from the front, but this one turned out the best.


  1. Love that pic of the tranquil lake and the volcano in the background. There is something metaphorical about it all- peace and beauty coming from violence and chaos. Anyway great weather! Good day to be out taking pictures!

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  2. Love the pix of the dragon fly’s butt. Very classy!

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