Coffee Liqueur – House Spirits Distillery

Posted on Aug 22, 2011



Ever since I heard about House Spirit's coffee liqueur, I knew I had to try it.  Booze and coffee are two of my most favorite things, so combining them is a match made in heaven.  I bought this bottle a few months ago and I've been remiss in blogging about it.  This, of course, hasn't stopped me from consuming this nectar of the gods. 

You can see the ingredients: sugar and coffee.  Somehow they turn that into a magical concoction that is so yummy.  This is a drink you can sip without any of the harsh burning aftermath that scrunches up your face; it's smooth and delicious.  I highly recommend trying this for yourself.




Previously, you could only purchase their coffee liqueur in their store on SE 7th.  Last week, they were granted permission from the OLCC to sell this in liquor stores around town.  Such great news and I'm so happy for them!




I very much appreciate that their government warning is so prominent on their bottle. 




I did have some trouble removing the wax from the top of the bottle.  I think I used scissors and then a knife to take the wax off.  I'm sure there is an easier way to open this; I'm going to ask them the next time I'm at House Spirits.




The bottle is now closer to empty.  This is such a great treat to sip alone, pour over vanilla ice cream or to add to a cocktail.  I can't wait to experiment more.




If you haven't been to their store, it's worth checking out.  They have tours on Saturdays from 1-3pm.  Make sure you call ahead for reservations.  I learned so much on their tour.  It's fascinating to learn how they make Aviation Gin and Aqua Vit which is also for sale at local liquor stores and carried in many bars around town.






  1. I’ve been sad every time I see something about this since I want to run right out and get it, but can’t. I can’t wait to try it myself . . . thanks for letting me live vicariously through you.

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  2. I’m intrigued. I love me some Irish (Bailey’s)in my coffee but not sure about an actual coffee liqueur. Plus the whole caffeine high versus the alcohol low. Kind of the same issues that Red Bull Vodka brings about. How much caffeine kick do you get out of it?

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  3. This is definitely different than Bailey’s. The caffeine question is a good one, but since I’m usually just sipping a shot every now and again, I haven’t noticed any caffeine issues.
    Red Bull Vodka is so wrong on so many different levels. :)

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  4. This just means you need to visit P-town soon, so you can stock up. :)

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