Come on Down to the Funky Door

Posted on Jul 17, 2006


I’m so happy to announce that the Funky Door is now open for business!  My good friend, Diana, opened last week.  The Funky Door is at the corner of 28th and Holgate.  It’s very close to Reed College.  She is the fuzzy one in this picture.  Come on down to say ‘Hi’ and stay for the great coffee.


Side Note: The old business had their phone number on the glass window.  I helped scrap the old paint off.  I even got a blister out of the deal.  My only Funky Door injury.  :)


Besides Stumptown coffee, tea from Tao of Tea and Dragonfly Chai; Diana also serves sweet and savory pastries from local bakeries.  She offers many vegan options.  I had the vegan coconut chocolate chip muffin and it was amazing! 

Side note: I shortened and re-wired the white pendant light on the right.  I also painted the red door.


Her place is very cozy and great for relaxing on a couch while working on your lap top.  The Funky Door offers wireless Internet.

Side Note: I painted the green and blue door on the right.  I also glued the cork in the cork board.


Side Note: I painted about half of the base boards and many more doors at the Funky Door.  I was so happy to help out.  I think the place looks amazing!  I could never put something like this together.  I’m so proud of everything Diana has accomplished.


I’m going to become a pro on this machine.


I can’t say enough good stuff about this place.  One great thing is that I can walk here from my house.  What a great addition to the neighborhood.


  1. I can’t wait to go there! It looks sooooo cute!

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  2. I love themed places done well! It was like “Where’s Waldo?” with doors! I loved how they incorporated doors everywhere! My only disappointment is the front door is glass! Not so funky!
    PS Nice to see you and your sporty car in the last pic!
    PSS So when are we going for coffee again? I think I have the perfect place…. :)

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  3. Thanks for the posting, Jolie. You pictures are great, too. You have officially won the title Miss Help-Build-The-Funky-Door-out-of-nothing — your sash and tiara will be arriving soon. Come by for coffee, why don’t ya?

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