I think that I’m happy, I think that I’m blessed

Posted on Aug 16, 2006


Last night I  got to see Ani DiFranco (one of my very favorite artists) play at the Aladdin Theater (my favorite venue).  The Aladdin is general admission and there were people camped out front in sleeping bags.  My friend and I got in line right around 5pm and the line was already almost a block long.  We did manage to get good seats, about 7 rows back.


I had emailed the folks at Aladdin asking if I could bring a camera to the show.  Unfortunately I couldn’t so I’m back to bad phone pictures. 


Ani played a few songs from her new album and lots of older stuff.  She sang Swan Dive which is one of my favorite Ani songs and always make me think of my cousin.  She was very chatty with the crowd who hung on her every word.  She did forget the lyrics to one song.  Which she has forgotten lyrics at every show I’ve been too.  This time a member of the audience jumped up and sang the first verse.  The crowd cheered on.  At the end of the show, the entire audience sang along to ‘Gravel’ and ’32 flavors’.  It was absolutely amazing.


I really wanted a poster and asked someone if I could take one.  They told me I could at intermission.  So at intermission I jumped out and the posters were gone.  So I asked one of the worker dudes.  He pointed out that there was still a poster on the front door.  I quickly and happily grabbed it.

The opening act was Athens Boys Choir, a deceiving name since it’s just one person.  Katz performed very political and sex/gender charged spoken word poems.  Although he was ill with food poisoning, he was great.  He is definitely an artist to check out.  Portland had the honor of giving him his first standing ovation. 

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  1. Ah. Ani. She never disappoints does she? Definately a blessing. Maybe I’ll get to see her in Toronto? That would rock the Kasbah. I’m so stoked you scored a poster! Good for you! The pics were fine! Of course Korean phone cams are better but what can you do? You live in a country with low quality handphones. There could be worse things…Will check out Athens Boys Choir and give a listen.

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