The Art of Looking Sideways

Posted on Aug 18, 2006


I think that I must have the best husband in the world.  He found this book ‘The Art of Looking Sideways‘, by Alan Fletcher and knew that I would love it.  He was right.  This is definitely a book that I will consume.  It makes you think outside of the box…which is where I prefer to be.


At over a thousand pages, it’s definitely something that will take years to really read through.  I like that you can open it at any page and find something interesting.  I love the above quote.


Here is a quote from the publisher explaining the book a bit.  I figured they could do a much better job at it than I can.

The Art of Looking Sideways
is a primer in visual intelligence, an exploration of the workings of
the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination. It is an
inexhaustible mine of anecdotes, quotations, images, curious facts and
useless information, oddities, serious science, jokes and memories, all
concerned with the interplay between the verbal and the visual, and the
limitless resources of the human mind. Loosely arranged in 72 chapters,
all this material is presented in a wonderfully inventive series of
pages that are themselves masterly demonstrations of the expressive use
of type, space, colour and imagery.

This book does not set out to
teach lessons, but it is full of wisdom and insight collected from all
over the world. Describing himself as a visual jackdaw, master designer
Alan Fletcher has distilled a lifetime of experience and reflection
into a brilliantly witty and inimitable exploration of such subjects as
perception, colour, pattern, proportion, paradox, illusion, language,
alphabets, words, letters, ideas, creativity, culture, style,
aesthetics and value.

The Art of Looking Sideways
is the ultimate guide to visual awareness, a magical compilation that
will entertain and inspire all those who enjoy the interplay between
word and image, and who relish the odd and the unexpected.



This book is a must for creative folks.

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