Star Wars at OMSI

Posted on Oct 23, 2006


My husband and I took our nieces and nephews (and their parents) to OMSI this weekend.  They have a huge Star Wars exhibit right now.  Our family are huge Star Wars fans.  We all had a great time.  It did make for a long day.  There was just so much to see.  We were at OMSI for about 6 hours and we didn’t get to everything.  I really liked seeing Yoda. 


There were tons of actual costumes and props that were used in the movies.  There is even a hover craft that kids can play on. 


Of course, OMSI had great educational things to do as well.  We had fun and actually learned stuff.


We got our pictures taken with the storm trooper.  We also got to ride in the elevator with a storm trooper that had just gotten off shift.  He was super excited and told us many many times that he was the big storm trooper. 


The models used in the movies were crazy to look at.  Such great detail on such little models.


Of course, there had to be a Lego Princess Leia in her bikini.  We had such a great day.  I did sleep amazingly well that night.

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  1. Loved the miniature models of the Ewok Village! Awesome! Also Lego Princess Leia! Sounds like a great day!

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