Back from Kansas

Posted on Nov 28, 2006


My family and I made it home safely from Kansas.  It was great to see extended family and to eat good food.  While Portland had a rainy windy week, I was practically sunbathing in the 65 degree gorgeous weather in Kansas. Travel was crazy easy.  No lines, no hassles.  Each flight (including connecting flights) arrived early.  It was just amazing!


I was afraid that I wasn’t going to get to see a good sunset during our stay.  The first three nights, there was nothing great.  Finally on our last night, we got this beautiful sunset. 


This is from the plane flying over the Rocky Mountains.


Crossing over the Columbia Gorge


Mt. St. Helen’s in the distance.  The people on the other side of the plane got to see Mt. Hood with 5 fresh feet of snow.  It was stunning.


I was seated right over the wing (as always) and noticed this round rainbow that was coming from the steam from one of the engines.  I’d never seen anything like it before. 


  1. Our flights to Kentucky were similar to yours – no lines, no waiting, no hassles. What was up this year? Where were all the usual holiday travelers? We also had weather in the mid 60s in Kentucky. BTW, your photos are gorgeous.

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  2. spectacular shots! The rainbow especially. We all know what a fan your are of a good sunset! I’m glad you got a couple of good shots!

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