Birds of Kansas

Posted on Dec 5, 2006


Alright, this is my last post about Kansas.  The day after Thanksgiving, we went to the free zoo.  Unfortunately, it was closed due to the holiday.  It was such a nice day that we walked all around.  At this pond there were tons of beautiful birds.  I figured it was time to practice a bit of photography to capture some of these birds.  I use Picasa to store and edit my photos.  I love the crop feature.  It really helps me get the picture I see in my mind’s eye.








  1. First of all, one can NEVER have too many Kansas posts! That’s just silly!
    Second of all that first pic is so spectacular! The light is really key isn’t it? So iridesent! (sp?)
    I also like the feather detail!

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  2. I love how the birds look like they walked right up to you and posed for a picture. Were you bribing them with stale bread? ;) Seriously, great photos!

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